Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-sign, e-signature or electronic signature?

What may be referred to as a simple e-sign, e-signature or electronic signature is basically an electronic form that replaces a handwritten signature. In most countries this form is legal under the general contracting law, but since we do not provide any legal advice we suggest that all users consult with their own legal jurisdictions. 

Can I use the platform as a private citizen?

The short answare is no, due to our billig sytem and terms of condition the platform is only built for business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) operations. If you need a consumer to consumer (C2C) platform we suggest you find another better solution for this need. Or contact our staff.

How to delete my user, profile and data?

Please contact our support team for manual removal of your user and data from our platform here. You will receive a conformation email later when the task is completed.

How can I cancel my free trail subscription?

You can simply do it from the billing page in your Stripe panel or contact our support team here within the 14 days of the free trial periode. You will later receive a conformation email when your subscription is cancelled. After your subscription ends, you will not be able to start a new free trial again, but you can to sign up for the premium subscription at any time!

How to get 14 Day Money Back Guarantee?

If you within 14 days would like to get your money back for what ever reason, please just contact us here for refund. No questions asked.

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