Esigning can improve business communication and collaboration to get more customers.

Not only can digital documents and electronic signatures help your employees and your business reach new levels of productivity, but it also allows you to impress clients and customers with the efficiency of your operations. For many digitally sophisticated customers, the paper-based process is just a hassle; having to print, sign, and scan or mail documents is a time-consuming process—and only if you have access to a printer or scanner. Ultimately, making everything digital makes life easier for your customers because they can view, e-sign and return your company documents by simply clicking an email and entering their signature[1].

It’s also important to note that document signing workflows don’t just improve the customer experience, they can also pay big dividends for the business. In another study, Forrester found that organizations using signed workflows achieved a 420% return on investment and 28x the time to business startup [2].

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