What is a eSignature and how to apply it on PDF?

eSignature can be used to sign a digital contracts via email. Often this document is exported or made available in PDF by email. In the dynamic landscape of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), efficiency is key. In this guide, we’ll explore the process of eSigning PDFs online and various ways to seamlessly integrate eSignatures within your SMB.

The digital era has brought about transformative tools, and one such game-changer is electronic signatures (eSignatures). When the digital document (contract) is ready to be sent, the client will get an e-mail with a link to open the contract. From there, the client signs the document. After that the client will get a new mail, with the signed document attached as PDF with audit trail (tracking of signers). In most cases, this complies as a legal document, but please check the local regulations that apply to your business, as this varies a little from country to country.

Before diving into integration strategies, let’s establish a foundational understanding of how to eSign a PDF file online:

  1. Choose the Right eSigning Platform: Select an eSigning platform that suits your SMB’s needs.
  2. Create Your Document: Once registered on the chosen platform, create or fill inn your content you want to eSign.
  3. Add Signatories: Specify the individuals who need to sign the document by providing their email addresses.
  4. Send for Signature: Send the document to the relevant parties via email.
  5. Monitor Progress: Keep track of the signing process in real-time to ensure timely completion.
  6. Download the Finalized Document: Once all parties have signed, download in app or receive the PDF by email

To fully leverage the benefits of eSignatures within your SMB, consider implementing the following strategies:

  1. Document Management Systems (DMS): Integrate eSignatures into your existing DMS, enabling a centralized hub for document storage, retrieval, and signing. This streamlines workflows and minimizes the risk of document misplacement.
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: Seamlessly incorporate signed documents into your CRM software to expedite sales and contract processes. This integration enhances the client management.
  3. Flexibility of eSignature on devices and on the go for SMBs In today’s mobile-centric world, consider using eSignatures to your business. This empowers users to sign documents on the go, improving flexibility and responsiveness.
  4. Cloud Storage backup: Upload signed documents into Google Drive or Dropbox. This ensures that eSigned documents are stored and accessible from anywhere.

Benefits of eSignature Integration for SMBs

  1. Enhanced Productivity:
    • Integration reduces the need to switch between different platforms, optimizing workflows and boosting overall productivity.
  2. Cost Savings:
    • Minimize paper and printing costs, and reduce the time spent on manual processes by email files or scanning and printing documents to sign them.
  3. Improved Compliance:
    • Integration with secure platforms ensures safeguarding your SMB from legal issues related to document handling or the risk of losing documents.
  4. Faster Decision-Making:
    • Accelerate decision-making processes by expediting document approvals, contracts, and other critical agreements.
  5. Enhanced Customer Experience:
    • With a customer-facing system get a seamless and efficient experience, contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Embracing eSignatures is a strategic move for SMBs seeking to enhance efficiency and stay competitive in a digital world. By following the outlined steps for eSigning PDFs online and implementing tailored integration strategies, your SMB can unlock the full potential of eSignatures, revolutionizing document workflows and driving business success.

Be aware that the user is responsible for the legal aspects of any created and signed document.

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